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How to Truly Transform Your Life

Many years ago, I lived the “victim” story.

Somebody was always making my life difficult – at home and work.

Then I realized if I wanted to be resilient, to live my best life, it was up to me.

I had to take 100% responsibility for my life and become a resilient leader.

That recognition – that I was in control, that it was up to me, freed me.

I knew I had to create a new story and live into it; transform my thinking, learn the lessons.

First lesson: if life was hard, it was my thinking that was to blame.

It was not the person, situation, team, company…it was the way I thought about it.

When you are negative, judging yourself and others, you will continue to experience difficulties. Science tells us negative thinking trains our brains to look for “my life does not work.”

Instead, be someone who manages through change with ease, who is a resilient leader.

Start by noticing and changing the way you think about, speak about, and see your life.

For example, when you want something and it does not happen, what do you tell yourself?

How you “explain” what happens will determine your leadership thinking and your results.

“This is tough, it will take forever to make it work, to get what I want.” (Negative story, results).

“I know things will work out for me. I expect the best results.” (Positive story – better results).

You cannot get a positive result with negative thinking. It is impossible.

To change your story, use “I am” statements (affirmations); create the best version of your life.

I am powerful. I am happy. I am disciplined.

I am talented. I am successful. I am unlimited; what I think about, I can create.

I am positive. I am creative. I am an excellent person; I deserve the best.

Then start to notice and change your thinking to leadership thinking.

Is what you say optimistic, enthusiastic, and supporting the leader you deserve to be?

If not, change it using the affirmations above, and by creating your own “I am” statements.

Finally, focus on your ideal vision.

Imagine your ideal leadership and life outcomes.

See and feel your most important goals in your mind as if they are happening now.

This is how everything is created.

You imagine it first, then you create it – the project, the relationship, your home life.

Take 100% responsibility for creating a life that is ideal because you are resilient.

Keep changing the way you think.

Create a better story and live in it.

This is resiliency.

This is leadership thinking.

This is how you transform your life.

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