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Is It Really Possible to Be Happy Now?

Is it really possible to be happy now – when you do not know what lies ahead for you?

There is so much uncertainty – hybrid, home, or office work; new strains of COVID.

How can you possibly be happy with all the constant change and confusion?

First, a definition of happiness from Dr. John Schindler:

Happiness is “a state of mind in which our thinking is pleasant a good share of the time.”

To me, this includes being able to see the good, to be okay in the most difficult of times.

Not always an easy task. Life includes some good and bad in every day.

Happiness is a habit, a choice.

Choosing “happy” is a commitment to positive thinking.

First habit: make a conscious decision to see your life as working, expect things to go your way.

What would that mean for you?

For me: I think about the joy I have with my guy, the love and fun I share with my daughter.

My new habit: knowing all my work is working – I feel and see my projects at work going well.

The practice: I think of my happy relationships plus the joy of working with fun, happy people.

Notice: the focus is always on what you want, which makes you feel good, happy.

When you notice (because you feel bad) your focus is on what you do not want, turn it around.

Focus on your vacation, a fun time, the joy from people you love, your pet. Switch constantly.

You must be persistent. Focus on happy thoughts.

Researchers tell us up to 95% of our thoughts are habitual – the same as yesterday.

You cannot feel better and perform better with the same negative thoughts that got you here.

Consciously decide to think more positively, and you will feel better and perform better.

Happiness requires a commitment to better thinking day after day.

If you are waiting until “it is over” to be happy you will always be waiting.

Remember, every day you will have some good and bad.

You deserve to be happy no matter what.

Decide, make a plan and act.

Yes, it really is possible for you to be happy now.


Paula is on a mission to help organizations transition “back to optimal environment,” = what works best for all.

She would love to connect and hear what your team is doing to retain your best talent through promoting open listening, addressing change anxiety and creating your “optimal environment” for engaged effectiveness.

Paula: 704-906-8045 (call/text with name please)

Paula Guilfoyle

Consultant – Transforming Teams

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