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It Is All Okay

Struggling?  A bit stuck?

Just tell yourself, “It is all okay. It is supposed to be this way.”

“And, I can choose to make it better today.”

Just accept it – “It is what it is.”

If you didn’t get as much done as you wanted – it is okay.

If someone upset you, it is okay, accept it. (But don’t let them take your peace.)

Just let it be okay.

Keep your focus on what you need to do.

Get it done. Focus will help you with acceptance.

And know that whatever is happening is okay.

It is supposed to be that way.

How do you know that?

Because it is.

So take a deep breath, and SMILE – even though you don’t want to.


Say, “I fully accept this – I don’t have to like it, but I accept it.”

Decide to do the best you can do.

It is all okay.  And you are AWESOME!


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