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Leaders: Do This to Get the Money You Need

You need money or...

You want a raise or...

You need support for a project?

Try this.

It helped Michael Phelps win 23 Olympic gold medals.

It also helped one of my clients get $30,000 in funding in 20 minutes.

The tool? Visualization or imagination.

All Olympians know when you visualize you train your brain to perform at its best.

Ready to try it for your next raise, funding a project, realizing a goal?

Sharon, a leader at Coca-Cola, learned visualization from one of my workshops.

Here’s what she did to get $30,000 in funding in less than 20 minutes:

1. Right before a key meeting, go somewhere where you can close your eyes for one minute.

2. See and feel the result you want – see it like a movie playing – see the optimal outcome for everyone.

During Sharon’s one-minute visualization, she felt and saw herself saying “thank you” for $30,000 in funding.

At the end of the meeting the project sponsor gave her the $30,000 – and she said, “thank you.” Amazing!

Note: this does not mean you do not prepare for the meeting.

Do your homework and go in with a great attitude.

Get excited and believe it can happen.

I challenge you to try visualization today, as my client did – right after I taught it in a workshop.

Your day will go remarkably well when you keep “seeing and feeling success,” at work and home.

Visualize success.


Claim Leadership’s unique approach improves productivity, inclusivity, and retention. We teach leaders and their teams to change the way they: Think, Feel and ACT to change the way they perform. The results: effective leaders and teams – “… no matter the challenge or change.” (Coca-Cola Charlotte)

Paula: 704-906-8045 (call/text with name please)

Paula Guilfoyle

Consultant – Transforming Teams

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