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Leaders: STOP Your B.S.

I got stuck today.

I told myself things weren’t working, even when all the evidence pointed to “it is working.”

This is when you must STOP your B.S. – the Belief System - driving your negative thoughts.

A Belief System – your B.S. - is a group of thoughts you have about what (you think) is true in your life.

Positive beliefs support the life you want – “I can accomplish any goal I decide to do.”

Negative beliefs (many from our childhoods) tell us what is not possible. “I can’t do this; it won’t work for me.”

When negative beliefs come up, STOP them by asking 2 questions:

1. “Is what I am telling myself TRUE?” and,

2. “What is another, better possibility?”

The truth is: you are powerful, capable, talented, and smart.

You have overcome many challenges to get where you are as a leader.

You can do this.

Notice when you are not feeling good.

Ask, “Is this thought true?”

Then ask, “What is another, better possibility?”

You are in control.

You have the power.

Question the thoughts that don’t feel good.

Then create a new, powerful possibility.

This is the way to stop your B.S.

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Paula Guilfoyle

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