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Leadership Mindset: Stop the Spin

Are you like me? At some point today you will go off-track, into spin.

Today fear, “The Voice in your head,” will tell you something is “not working”.

You need a “re-set” or “EASY” button to get back on track.

Try this.

Practice gratitude.

Right now: look around, focus on what is really good, even exciting in your life.

Start with your family (you love them, right?) then add others you appreciate, and love.

“I am grateful for all the cool people in my life, especially ____.”

Are you healthy? Add that to your gratitude list.

“I am grateful for feeling good. I have energy. I can make healthier choices today.”

Creative? That’s you, right? You serve people with your talent. (Some people call this work).

Tell the world you are proud of what you create.

“I am grateful for my unique gifts. I contribute to my team, the world when I ______________.”

How about appreciating your team?

“I am grateful to partner with awesome, fun people, even when they challenge me.”

When you focus on what you are grateful for, your fears (negative feelings) go away.

Why? Because your conscious brain can only focus on one thought at a time.

Make it a good thought.

Practice gratitude.


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