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Overwhelmed? Here is the Answer

Today you have a problem – a person or situation that does not work for you.

You feel overwhelmed.

Use my “AAA Formula” – Acceptance, Attitude and Action.

1. ACCEPT what is - the person or situation that is upsetting you. “I accept _______.”

2. Have an ATTITUDE of, “I take 100% responsibility for this relationship, situation”.

Not taking 100%? You are handing over control of your emotions to others.

You are saying, “THEY (or the situation) made me unhappy.”

Be aware: the person or situation did not make you unhappy.

You made yourself unhappy with your thinking about them, or the situation.

3. Take positive ACTION to resolve the situation:

Ask, “What is another, better possibility here?”

What is the best outcome?

Then act on what you can change.

Steps to re-frame and get back in control; AAAAcceptance, Attitude and Action:

1. Accept the person, or the situation. It is what it is in this moment.

2. Attitude = 100% responsible = empowered: positive, taking actions and owning results.

3. Act positively. The person or situation will only change when YOU change.

Take the most powerful action, with a positive 100% attitude and own your results.

Now you are back in control.

This is your way out of overwhelm.


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