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Re-Program for Success

I was so off base the other day – I knew there was only one way to feel better. Change my thinking – shift my perspective.

Everything starts with your thoughts.

Look at your life. Your life is the outward expression of your thinking. It is what you have been focusing on, seeing in your mind; happy or worried about.

If you want new results, focus only on what you want: 1. Write down what you want: 5-10 goals. • Write them as personal, positive, present tense. • Example: “I have $3K saved for a vacation – hurrah.” (Your mind likes rhymes) • Example: “I am finishing my #1 task early today.” 2. Think about the goal, speak the goal over and over – out loud and in your mind – with excitement. The excited feeling of having the goal now embeds it in your subconscious. 3. Use Imagination: Close your eyes – see and feel your new life; again, get excited. 4. ACT – Once your subconscious mind accepts the goal, intuition kicks in. ACT on the ideas.

The more emotion, the faster your goals arrive. Did I mention that? Get excited. When you pretend – feel as if your goal is here now – and act on it – it will happen faster.

That’s re-programming.

Remember: If you keep thinking the same thoughts, you will get the same results.

Re-program for success: 1. Write your goals. 2. Say them out loud with energy; focus on them constantly. 3. See and imagine your new life with feeling. 4. Take action.

Got it!


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