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Resilience: Bouncing Back During Constant Change

“I can’t handle much more of this, Paula – the constant change, Hybrid, COVID.

How do I get myself and my leadership team back on track?”

Today something will trigger you, limit your effectiveness – and how you develop as a leader.

You will be calm one moment, getting your work done and then – bam - off track.

How do you get you and your leadership team back to productivity and calm focus?

First, recognize your thinking is getting in the way.

You feel threatened, “I am right, I do not deserve this, I don’t like this.”

This is negative, limited thinking.

It is a “set-up” for failure – a mindset habit that kills your effectiveness as a leader.

To re-set: Use PBSPause, Breathe and SMILE.

It is the tool my leadership training clients use often.

Pause - STOP = interrupt negative thinking. “Between stimulus and response is opportunity.”

Breathe - 3 deep breaths to calm you, lower stress, keep you in the moment.

Smile - to reset your brain to “positive” feelings.

Shortcut: SMILE NOW. Really.

Think, “I feel better, I am in control, I am back on track,” while smiling.

Powerful leaders are upbeat and resilient.

They take the “high road,” ignore disruptions.

They don’t get caught up in “who is right,” they decide to keep moving, and make progress.

Your freedom is in choosing – to be calm and focused, not to let your thinking take you over.

Be resilient - let go of negativity and shift your thinking with PBS – Pause, Breathe and Smile.

__________ Paula Guilfoyle is a Speaker and Consultant on The Mindset & Behaviors for effective leadership and teamwork.

Her company, Claim Leadership, helps IT teams get back on track during extreme change and disruption. Using simple tools from her GAP Formula, she teaches teams to become more positive, focused, and productive. Work gets done, clients are satisfied; turnover is reduced, and teams are successful and engaged. Her clients include Coca-Cola, Lowe’s, Microsoft, and Accenture.

Paula: 704-906-8045 (call/text with name please)

Paula Guilfoyle

Consultant – Transforming Teams

Call now: 704-906-8045, email: or visit her website

Result: 5 minutes of your time = a free interactive workshop to get the tools you and your team need now.


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