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STOP The Spin

Hit with bad news? A thought that sets you back? This will happen to you today, as it happened to me yesterday. I have a foolproof way of getting out of it.

Take on your biggest challenge – your #1 goal – right now. Getting deeply into your work – getting productive – always works. Always.

Why? Your brain loves a sticky “problem;” the challenge engages your brain. The intensity causes lots of good activity in your brain, calming you on a cellular level. Plus, your self-esteem improves – you feel better, more accomplished, as the critical voice quiets down.

The worst action = letting your brain focus on the “don’t want,” what isn’t working. That keeps you in a negative space, spinning. “Your energy flows where attention goes,” whether that energy is positive or negative.

Re-direct and get out of it. Think a better thought, “This is all working for me.” Then take action. Decide what you need to do and get it done.

Get out of spin. Take on your biggest challenge – your #1 goal – and get it DONE.


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