The Happiness Connection

Is it worth 2 minutes/day to feel happier?

Is it worth 2 minutes/day to feel more optimistic?

Is it worth 2 minutes/day to become a better leader?

How about all of it – happiness, optimism, and success?

Try this. Appreciation.

In his book, The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor talks about simple habits for happiness.

These habits not only improve happiness; they improve success in every area of your life.

Ready for the one happiness habit that has the greatest scientific proof?

Write a 2-minute email or text every day:

Each day start your day by writing a 2-minute email or text praising or thanking a person.

Result: you will receive a great email or text back, and you will build your “social connection.”

Shawn states that social connection is the BEST predictor of long-term happiness.

Let me say this again: social connection is the BEST predictor of long-term happiness.

Long-term happiness is a key factor of success.

Get it? Connection leads to happiness; happier people are more successful.

Plus, as a leader, teammate, or friend, you will be perceived as a positive person – an optimist.

Optimists are people who become magnets for all things good.

They attract more love, success.

This Thanksgiving take 2 – two minutes to appreciate the people who helped you in 2020.

Then keep it going – every day – to build your social connections and happiness.

2 minutes to more happiness, connection, optimism, and success.

Small investment = BIG pay-off.

Try this. Appreciation.

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