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The Ripple Effect

For over 12 years I was depressed.

My thinking was beyond negative. I was feeling sorry for myself, out of touch with friends.

“My life is so hard,” was my constant thought. It was all about me.

I was isolating – not helping others or asking for help.

And though it was many years ago, I recognize it is an easy mindset to get into, especially now.

So, what is the most effective way to get out of feeling down, being isolated?

Ask, “Who can I help?” then go help someone. When you help someone else YOU benefit.

You get out of your own way. You feel better because you made a difference.

Science has shown that when you help others you feel better about yourself.

You also increase your happiness because you get a boost of “feel good” endorphins.

All because you cared enough to do something for someone else.

Helping someone will also get you out of the “victim,” or “poor me” attitude.

Through connection, you empower yourself to make a difference, and that has a ripple effect.

What is “The Ripple Effect?” Science tells us our actions impact 1,000+. One act, 1,000+ helped.

You help a friend, they feel better, their team, family, friends are all lifted. Your action “ripples.”

Find someone who is challenged – lives alone, cannot get out to get groceries = needs help.

Drop off food, flowers, and text, “I left you a surprise. I am here for you. Call me.”

Do whatever is easiest for you, helpful for them. You will be amazed at how great you feel!

Here are some other steps scientifically proven to help you feel better, be happier.

1. Keep in touch with your “Top 10,” family members and friends. Text, call, visit safely.

2. Get out = a short walk socially distanced = chances to safely see neighbors and connect.

3. Meditate = shut your eyes, breathe deeply - in and out. Result: calmer, refreshed.

And me? I realize connection is key for my mental health – always.

Back then, I started meditating, practicing gratitude, focused on being helpful and connected.

I discovered the more positive you are, the easier it becomes to overcome challenges.

You get important work done and are happier because you made a difference for someone.

Get out of your own way. Go help someone. Experience “The Ripple Effect.”

Paula Guilfoyle
Paula Guilfoyle

Are you, your team stressed by uncertainty and change; are productivity, turnover, engagement, issues?

Paula is a proven expert, creating thriving IT teams with simple tools to shift thinking and actions.

Highly interactive Zoom workshops (45-60+ min.) improve productivity, retention, engagement, morale.

Proof? Coca-Cola Charlotte (CCBCC): 90% Engaged, 91% Retention, 79% Productive, 68% Managing Stress.

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