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The Simple Way to Get it Done

About a month ago I noticed I wasn’t getting as much done as I normally do. I felt less focused, was allowing myself to get off-track during the day. In short, I was falling behind. The solution: make sure I have a plan to finish my most important work vs. “I’ll take it as it comes.”

What works – keep it simple: 1. List your top 5-10+ items – in order of importance – items you must get done. a. A = must get done today = A1, A2, etc. b. B = only after top priorities = B1, B2, etc. 2. Add a time by which you will accomplish each. 3. Challenge yourself to get the tasks done on time – keep going; plan breaks.

Here’s a sample: Ready for meeting with Aimee            8:45-8:55 Meeting with Aimee                              9:00 – 9:45 (intend to finish early) Call Jada re: project                               9:50 – 10:05 Plan next steps for project                   10:05 – 10:40 Break – coffee with Rasu                      10:40 – 11:00

This has been tremendously effective for me and my clients – we set the plan and challenge ourselves. Keep in mind: studies tell us our work takes about 20% longer to finish than we realize. Plan for a bit of “wiggle room” and breaks every 1-3 hours (you know what works for you).

Success = follow the plan – challenge yourself; make it a game to get each task done on time.

This works because it creates focus through a sense of urgency. – Keep going and you’ll get the pay-off: o Higher energy – as you finish each task, you’ll get an endorphin (positive hormone) kick o The hormone kick (from finishing tasks) prompts you to keep going; this improves your skills o Getting it done = feeling great, learning new skills, success at work

You are better – happier, more successful – when you get your top priorities done.

Plan your priorities. Set a time limit on each task. Get it done.


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