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This time I was really side-swiped by their anger. It hit me hard – and I had to react quickly. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember the three steps that would save me. My teacher this time was a neighbor – someone I care about. And, since your relationships equal your happiness, you can be held captive.

Do you want to be happy and successful? Pay attention to the people you work with, live with and love.

To improve relationships, try the 3-step formula – “ALP” – Apologize, Listen and Praise. It is very simple, and the results can be magical. Yet the chat can take just a few minutes.

First ask, “Who stands in the way of me being successful at work?” Or, “Which relationship – family or friend – needs attention?” Note: for this to work, you must be willing to be vulnerable; to start the conversation.

APOLOGIZE Sit down and dive right in, “I want to APOLOGIZE to you for…” Or, “I realize I haven’t been a very good… (team mate, friend…) I want to apologize, improve.”

Starting is the toughest part. Because once you start to apologize, you have them. They will listen. They will be curious. Then the healing begins. Apologize for anything and everything. Apologize to your kids, your friends, your family.

LISTEN Then LISTEN. Just listen. As soon as you are tempted to speak ask, “what else?” Let them talk. Be patient. You may hear things you don’t like, but that is your opportunity. This process helps you clear up misunderstandings; you feel lighter, happier – life changes.

PRAISE Next, PRAISE them for listening to you. Thank them for their time. Tell them how much you appreciate them. Once you try “ALP”, you will experience the magic of a relationship that works.

Pay attention to the people you work with, live with and love. Try ALP – Apologize, Listen & Praise. This will transform your life.


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