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Your Best Quick Fix

I was just fine today until I realized my email wasn’t working – for the third day in a row. I needed a quick fix. My problem wasn’t my email – it was my thinking about my email. It is never the situation that is the problem – it is your thinking about the situation.

What? The challenge – always – is to think differently; to know you are in control of the situation with your thinking. The goal is to recognize “This is today’s challenge, today’s learning. If I can live this and be happy, I am free.” This is your best quick fix.

The situation is just a fact. “My email isn’t working.” The upset is the interpretation – what I tell myself about it; “I can’t send the proposal, do my work, contact…” That negative self-talk will stop you from being productive and peaceful.

So here I am at day 3 – 3 days of telling myself, “This is a complete waste of my time; hours on the phone…” Do you get aggravated when you have an unexpected problem and it’s a waste of time? I did.

The waste of time was my suffering. Negative thoughts = negative feelings = negative actions. That creates suffering. Suffering is a waste of time. It stops you from being effective, happy, peaceful. Get it?

I realized I could STOP the suffering. To stop suffering I had to change my thoughts; the story I was telling myself about the situation. This is freedom.

Late today when my tech guy fixed my email, and 15 minutes later it wasn’t working, I had a choice. This time I chose freedom. I changed my feelings by saying, “This will work out, it is okay,” and shifted my attention away from my email.

To get to freedom – first change what you say to yourself, this shifts your feelings. Say, “This will work out.” Then move your mind away from your problem. Take action on your top priority. This frees you, your mind.

When my tech guy texted later, “I have a quick fix, call me,” I was free before his “fix.” (And yes, he did fix it). I was free – back on track – because I had changed my self-talk and was focused on other priorities.

When something challenging happens – say, “This is my opportunity to get to peace. How fast can I do it?” To get to peace, change your self-talk to positive, take action on your top priority and take control of your life. This is your “best quick fix.”


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