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Your Best Quick Fix to Your Problem Today

I was just fine today until I realized I had far more to do than my schedule would allow.

Plus, my email wasn’t working.

I started to think, “How will I get my work done, attend meetings, answer all my email?”

I needed a quick fix, a way to resolve my situation right away.

The “fix” was much simpler than I anticipated.

My problem was not my workload – or my email not working.

It was my thinking about my email and my workload that was causing me to be upset.

It is never the situation that is the problem – it is your thinking about the situation.

The challenge - always – is to think differently; to know you are in control of the situation with your thinking.

The goal is to recognize “This is today’s challenge, today’s learning. If I can live this and be happy, I am free.”

This is your best quick fix.

The situation is just a fact. “I have so much to get done and my email is not working.”

The upset is the interpretation - what I tell myself about it; “I can’t send the proposal, do my work, contact…”

That negative self-talk will stop you from being productive and peaceful.

Do you get aggravated when you have an unexpected problem and it’s a waste of time? I did.

Negative thoughts = negative feelings = negative actions.

That creates suffering. Suffering is a waste of time.

It stops you from being effective, happy, peaceful.

Get it?

I realized I could STOP the suffering.

To stop suffering I had to change my thoughts; the story I was telling myself about the situation.

This is freedom.

Later today when my tech guy fixed my email, and 15 minutes later it wasn’t working, I had a choice.

This time I chose freedom.

I changed my feelings by saying, “This will work out, it is okay,” and shifted my attention away from my email.

To get to freedom - first change what you say to yourself, this shifts your feelings.

“This will work out.” “I can handle this.” “This is okay, I can take a deep breath, choose peace.”

“Every situation works out for my best.” “I am powerful, I can do this.”

Then move your mind away from your problem.

Act on your top priority (in my case, create the email knowing I could send it later).

When you are focused on a challenging task, you are in “flow,” you feel calm, you are being productive.

There is another benefit to getting your work done.

Your self-esteem goes up when you finish your important task, you feel good about yourself.

My tech guy texted later, “I have a quick fix, call me.”

At that point, I realized I was free - calm and positive - before his “fix.”

(And yes, he did finally fix my email).

I was free of negativity, I had changed my self-talk and focused on whatever I could do.

When something challenging happens – say, “This is my opportunity to get to peace. How fast can I do it?”

To get to peace, change your self-talk to positive, act on your top priority and take control of your life.

This is your “best quick fix.”


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