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Your Perfect Day

Today was such a “perfect” day. I overslept and was late for my workout. Much of my day was re-scheduled and I was interrupted by the unexpected. It was a perfect day. I made it that way.

My “perfect” was from three attitudes – I “ACE’d” it: 1. Acceptance of everything = I noticed what I didn’t like and said, “that’s okay.” 2. Compliment = I swapped the critical voice with a positive, “You are doing well!” 3. Expectation = I looked for good in everything; “I know today is going my way.”

Acceptance – when you accept what is you feel peaceful. Things happen and you say, “Okay, I accept this, what action can I take now?” Acceptance takes away the problem; it becomes a situation you can deal with.

Compliment – unleash positivity to yourself and others. You decide to approach the day with kindness towards yourself, everyone else. You notice the critical voice, stop it with, “cancel, cancel” and add kind thoughts. It “sounds” like this: “I am/they are…oh, cancel, cancel…such a good person.”

And, as you compliment vs. criticize, you feel better and create exceptional work.

Expect the best – shift your energy and outcomes by imagining as pro athletes do. Think of one thing that you want to go well; speak, see and feel that outcome. Speak “I know the meeting goes great.” Close your eyes; see and feel the best. Do this before a meeting; your subconscious will help you create your best result.

“Today, I accept what is, compliment everyone, do my best and expect the best.”

When you are positive, letting life be – while taking positive action, you are free. A perfect day.


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