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A Shocking and Fun Way to Get More Done

“Today is such a challenge,” I thought.

“My leadership thinking, my tools to be more productive, where are they?”

I was forgetting how to be resilient, have fun, get it done.

So, what is the fun way to be more productive, get more important work done?

It starts with one simple step – ready?

Use positive self-talk; encourage yourself to get your leadership thinking back on track.

“Catch yourself” doing something right.

This is how you become more productive, more resilient.

What you say to yourself – your “self-talk”- creates a positive or negative feeling.

Since your feelings create your actions, keep your self-talk positive.


Emotions – feelings…create

Actions – productivity…creates your results.

Your life is a “cup of TEA,” – Thoughts, Emotions/energy, and Actions.

Your goal: to make your TEA powerful, productive, so you can become more resilient.

How? Make an intention to say something encouraging to yourself, all day long.

Catch yourself and others “doing the right thing.”

Praise yourself and your team for being productive and resilient.

Tie that encouragement to goals, keep everyone on a “roll” of positivity and productivity.

New habit:

- Put top 3 goals on your calendar the night before – schedule a time to “get it done.”

- Race yourself: challenge yourself to get your key tasks done rapidly – before 2 pm.

- After each “win” say “Well done! You are on a roll, keep going.”

- If you don’t hit the goal right away say, “That’s OKAY I can still be productive today.”

This encourages you to be resilient, positive, productive – to get it done.

Why does this work?

Science tells us 3 things happen when you get something important done.

1. You get a boost of positive endorphins – you feel good, build resilience.

2. Your self-esteem goes up – because you are “doing the right thing,” being productive.

3. You are more successful – people, leaders who do the “right thing” get promoted.

Praise focuses your brain on positivity - on a great day of accomplishment, productivity.

Praise also programs your brain to look for what you are doing right, what a change, right?

Make your self-talk encouraging!

My Coach Katie, says, “good job!” to me after I report progress on my leadership thinking.

We know when your thinking is positive, your productivity and happiness improves.

So, what works for you?

What will you say to yourself, your teammates, family members when progress is made?

If you are not in the habit of praising and encouraging your team, your family, try this:

- “Good job,”

- “Well done,” or

- “That was awesome!”

If they look at you strangely after your comment, consider making praise a regular practice.

Your leadership thinking may need more positivity.

Notice how good it feels to encourage yourself and others, how infrequently it might happen.

That’s okay.

You are a creature of habit – it is (unfortunately) natural for our self-talk to be critical.

You can change that.

Set-up your days for “WINS” – to increase productivity and resilience:

1. First, decide on your top 3 tasks.

2. Then, set a time deadline for each task.

3. Finally, stop after you complete the task and say, “You are doing great,” and mean it.

Decide today that you will encourage higher productivity by doing 2 things:

  1. Cross it off your list – your brain will send you a positive hormonal “kick” for finishing it.

  2. Say something kind to yourself. “Well done!” will do. “You are awesome!” is better.

Science tells us these 2 steps, completing a task and recognizing results – improves productivity.

How? The recognition – reinforces productivity, helping create a new habit for success.

Remind yourself today that your work matters – you are making a positive contribution.

Keep your focus on all the good that you do through your work.

Then support yourself to improve your leadership thinking, productivity, and success with praise.

“You are doing great” will do.

“You are amazingly awesome!” is better.

Positive self-talk is a fun, shocking way to get more done.


Paula’s leadership training transforms your company’s culture into a place that engages and retains top talent, saving millions. Her clients include Coca-Cola, Lowe’s, Microsoft, KPMG and Collins Aerospace. She can be reached at

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