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Calm and Happy in 1 Minute

I don’t know about you, but I am triggered more often these days.  A negative trigger is anything that causes a behavioral change.  You get distracted, feel negative, your brain goes off course.

Years ago, I learned how to be calm and happy in 1 minute or less. I use it first thing in the morning; and try to remember to use it anytime I am down. 

How do you get calm and happy in one minute?

You SMILE and change your thinking. 

You think 60,000 thoughts a day – many are repetitive, negative and not helpful.  Science tells us to feel better, we must think better. This is especially important now.

Don’t be a victim. Instead, focus on happier thoughts that empower you:  “I feel good.” “All is well.” “I can handle this.” “I can do this.” “I am powerful.” “I choose peace.” “I am happy.” “I feel calm.”

Now, notice that your brain may fight this “better thought.” “Feel good? Feel happy? Who are you kidding?”

This reaction is just your habitual “victim” thinking. Stop it – it does not help you. 

To change that bad habit SMILE and choose one thought that makes you feel good.  “I am okay; I can do this,” focus your thinking on peace and power in this moment. 

SMILE and repeat it over and over – until you feel better. Be relentless. 

Your life = your conscious thoughts. What you think about and focus on becomes your life.  Get out of your negative patterns – SMILE and say, “I am okay; I can do this.”

This is how you get to calm and feel happy – in one minute. 


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