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How to Overcome Procrastination

Having a tough day? That’s okay.

Let’s turn your day around.


Every tough day, every challenge, successfully met, brings you an opportunity.

The opportunity? To learn and grow.

Each challenge is teaching you how to become a better version of yourself.


Start by getting more important work done today.

Take on your #1 goal today, just dig in.

Use “GIT” – Give It Ten (minutes, that is).


First, write down your #1 goal.


Next, set your timer for 10 minutes – and commit to working for just 10 minutes.

You will soon get into flow. Flow is focused, calm, creative thinking.

Flow is a result of putting all your attention on one goal.

Your brain loves being in flow.  It calms you; you feel better and get more done.


When the timer goes off, re-set it and (if you don’t have a meeting) keep working.  

You have momentum (flow).

You are making progress.

Just keep going.


When you finish, (even part of it), tell yourself, “I am disciplined. I got it done.”


Focus 10 minutes at a time when you have a challenging project.

Create a habit for success.


This is how you overcome procrastination to get it done.


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