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Decide to Be Happy

Choose happy. “Happy” is yours right now – you just need to decide. “Today, no matter what, I will be happy. I choose happy.” That decision will change your day.

Someone says something that could be upsetting and you say, “I choose happy.” Traffic – again – and you think, “I am happy. I choose to enjoy this moment.” You get some unexpected news. And, before you react you think, “Oh, right, nothing disturbs me. Happy.”

Before you know it, you are smiling (because you chose happy, right?)

We are all creatures of habit. We decided (in the past – not today) what makes us happy. These requirements are mostly unattainable in everyday life. “People must behave this way, no traffic, no bad news and lots of money.”

You can have goals and ideals. Just don’t let them get in the way of a happy life. Happiness is what you are after. Happiness is your right. Only you can create your happiness with what you think about, feel and do.

Decide to be happy!


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