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Enjoy Your Life – 2 Simple Steps

How do you enjoy your life – every day – no matter what? Start with Gratitude then focus on your Goals.

Gratitude works because it focuses on the GOOD in your life. When you focus on good, when you acknowledge all you have – you feel good.

In fact, when you experience happiness, it is because you are focused on what is good, what you appreciate.

Think about it. You are happy when you appreciate your friends and family and how they enrich your life. You are happy when you notice you have choices – where you live and work; what you eat, how you have fun.

So, what are you grateful for? What or whom do you appreciate? Think of 3 reasons right now – and write them or mentally list them here: ________, ________, ________.

As you go through your day keep saying to yourself, “Thank you for…(my family, work, this beautiful day)…” This keeps your mind on the positive when you might be tempted to worry or focus on problems. Keep saying, “Thank you for…” all day when your mind wanders; you will be pleased with how good you feel.

Now ask, “What is my #1 goal today?” Accomplishing your most important task makes you feel successful and happy. You feel good because you know you are doing the “right thing;” you are making progress.

By getting it done you will feel happy, successful and confident. You will walk out of work knowing you did your best – this boosts your self-esteem and makes you feel good.

Two quick steps: 1. Look at what you are grateful for – all the abundance you already have. Keep appreciating everything. 2. Then decide what needs to be done next – and do it – now. Being productive makes you feel good.

Enjoy your life – feel good no matter what by focusing on all the good in your life, and giving life your best. Focus on 2 steps – Gratitude and Goals.


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