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Exercise this Muscle for Success and Happiness

Ready to experience more success and happiness? My friend Diane, a master of success, is always practicing this. She exercises a certain muscle for success and happiness. She has hiked the Grand Canyon from tip to tip (12 hours). She climbs walls of rock (yes, real rock, not those fake rock walls) to challenge herself.

Her relationships thrive – even after divorce and set-backs. She is repeatedly given bonuses and promotions.

What is her secret? What muscle does she exercise the most? One word: courage.

She takes the actions she doesn’t want to take – even and especially when they scare her. She practices courage – and succeeds – over and over. You either practice courage by taking action – going right through what you fear, or you stay stuck. Staying stuck = frustrated, unhappy; living a smaller life filled with excuses.

To exercise courage, start here: 1. In what area of your life are you letting fear hold you back, limit you? Write it down. I am limiting my life ___________________________. 2. What do you want in that area of your life? Write that down. I am committed to excellence and courage; I want __________________. 3. What is your first step? Write it down – NOW. I am taking this action ________________________ by ________ (date).

Take that first step – ASAP – with courage – to live the life you deserve. Practice courage consistently, just like Diane.

Exercise courage for success and happiness.

“You can practice any virtue erratically, none consistently without courage.” Maya Angelou

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Membro desconhecido
29 de mai. de 2022

I really enjoyed your blog post.

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