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Expand Your Life

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” Willie Nelson

Ready to feel wonderful – to experience more joy, in this moment and all day, every day? Stand in your home, office or nature and look around. Really. Take it all in; be in the moment. You can’t begin to count it all – the people, beauty, material resources, opportunities and love. Feel how your world expands as you realize how abundant it already is; so full of possibilities.

Take another moment to smile and look at each richness, to appreciate the fullness of your life. That is the magic, the magic of gratitude.

When you look at all the good you have – what you have expands.

Then be grateful for your challenges. Yes, your challenges. They expand your life. You could not have learned what you learned this year without those challenges. They added to your strength, resilience, wisdom and fortitude.

Challenges met by courage build character.

Character can’t be built without someone, something that turns you inside out. These are your teachers; they “hang around” until you learn the lesson. Without them the happier, wiser and more compassionate version of you could not emerge. They are truly your greatest blessings.

Expand your life with gratitude. See the endless blessings that surround you. And tell someone – anyone – how grateful you are for them.

Then give thanks for what you have learned this year which has added to your character.

Expand your life with gratitude.

By the way – I am very grateful for you. Thanks for the lessons, dear friends, loving family and awesome clients. Keep them coming.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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