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Fail-Proof Way to Feel Fine

Ready to feel fine? To feel fine – to feel good no matter what – means you are in control of your thoughts. It is your thoughts – not your situation, the stuff you buy, your work – that determines “happy.” You know this. This is the fail-proof way to feel fine.

Happiness starts on the inside. It starts with the way you talk to yourself – your “self-talk.”

When was the last time you said, “I’ll be happy when…” and got “it” and weren’t happy? It happens all the time. You buy the car, get the job, your kid gets better grades…whatever. And you still aren’t happy.

You have to take control of your thinking. Notice when you don’t feel good (emotionally). Not feeling good is due to negative thoughts.

Your thoughts… Create your feelings…Create your actions…Create your results. Your thoughts = your life.

To change your life by changing your results, you must change your thoughts. Empower yourself with new, positive thoughts about what you want in your life. Great thoughts = great results = great life.

Start by creating an affirmation. An affirmation is a positive, personal (I), present-tense (am, have) statement about what you want in life: I am happy. I am powerful and peaceful. I get along with everyone. I am kind and caring. I am successful. I get my #1 task done every day. I enjoy my job, team, life. I am having a blast.

Repeat these statements – or create an affirmation – statement of a goal – that works for you. The best affirmation is the “optimistic opposite” of your “feel bad” thought.

If you are saying, “This isn’t working…” Say, “This is working for me; I can do this easily.” If you are still dragging, SMILE and say, “I choose to feel better.” “I can do this.” “I can handle this.” Repeat your affirmations constantly.

You are in control of your life. Keep repeating positive affirmations to feel better and perform better.

This is the fail-proof way to feel fine.


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