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Here’s the Secret to Feeling Better Now

My “critic” was attacking me – the negative voice in my head = I was feeling lousy. At the time, I only knew I didn’t feel good, and the idea of feeling happy escaped me. After all, when you are working it is work, right? Happiness is not part of it. I needed a quick way back to productivity and peace, happiness.

Let me give you a simple, fool-proof secret to feeling better now. This works like magic. Ready?

Let’s try GIT – Give it Ten – and get it done easily. Can you spare 10 minutes to feel better? 1. Write down your #1 priority – now. 2. Set your phone timer for 10 Hit the start button and get started – now – to get it done. Working on your most important goal challenges your brain. This will get you in “flow” – a focused, creative and peaceful place. 3. When the timer goes off – set it again – keep working until you are done or must stop.

This habit – getting your #1 goal done – first thing in the am creates happiness and success.

Here’s what it does for you: 1. You get a kick of happy hormones = you feel good, in fact, great. You want to do more. 2. Your self-esteem goes up because you are working on your most important task. 3. You are more successful. People who get their work done – and more – are promoted.

Feel better now. Get your #1 task started – set the timer and get going.

Keep SMILING – smiling makes you feel good. Then say to yourself, “I am successful – I always get my #1 task done.”

Feel better now. Get your #1 done.


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