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How to Create a Powerful Email

“Do not send that email,” my manager said.

I was shocked.

“What do you mean, isn't it okay?” I asked.

What he told me transformed my email and my day.

He said, “Read it again.”

“Do you feel the energy that you are sending out?

It feels negative, challenging, almost demanding to me.”

He continued, “Never send an email when you are upset.

Always focus on the best outcomes for the person that you are sending it to.”

Wow. What a lesson that was years ago.

Watch your energy when you interact with people.

Check how you are feeling when you send an email or text.

Why? Because your energy can be picked up – in person, with a text, or email.

Decide that you deserve to feel better.

Start by smiling.

Smile and hold your smile for a minute.

Research shows that simply smiling will ignite your brain to feeling better.

How are you feeling today?

What are you communicating with your energy as you interact with people?

Make sure your energy and your intention is positive.

Then hit send.

This is the way to create a powerful email.


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