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Let It Go for Peace

Right now, your mind is your only problem. It is chattering like a runaway train. Just yesterday I was thinking, “How did I get in such a lousy place?” I should know better.

If you really want a problem to go away, here is one thing you can do…

Decide to let it go; know it will work out.

I was having trouble with an agreement to purchase a house. We couldn’t agree on one section of our agreement. I was upset. I chose to think, “I must have it my way.”

I then decided I wanted peace; I chose to let it go. I decided I could have it “their” way if needed. Then I stopped thinking about it and moved on with my day, my life.

Only 2 days later she texted me – said she and her lawyer had decided to let it go, changed their minds.

This is the power of your feelings and thinking. The more you hold on to being right, the more they hold on. Decide to let it go and it will work out.

What are you holding on to? What do you feel you have to be right about, have to have an answer to now?

Can you say, “I put this out of my mind. I am willing to let it go knowing it will be okay?”

When you are willing to change your mind, let things be, not struggle – they work.

Call it what you will – it is the way the world works. When you are willing to let go, you can get what you want – peace.

What can you let go of today?

Let it go for peace.


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