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It’s 3pm and you need to recharge. Here’s 4 FUN ways to get back on track – quickly and easily.

LAUGH. 15 seconds of laughter, two times a day will boost your health and well-being. Laughter has also been shown to reduce stress and improve mood and energy.

At work, start a laughter “chain” with each person saying “ha-ha” one after another. Soon you will all be laughing hysterically; others in the office will be lifted by your joy.

Or, Google “15 seconds laughter” to get started. Make laughing a fun part of every day.

SMILE. Smile now – yes, at the computer. Hold it until you have a fun “buzz” in your stomach. That smile/buzz releases feel-good hormones such as endorphins – and you feel happier. Science tells us happier people have better relationships and are more successful.

Try smiling while working for one minute, one hour or a day – I guarantee you will benefit. Expect more creativity, peaceful feelings and an elevated mood to start.

PLAY MUSIC. Playing your favorite music can calm, energize and shift your mood quickly. Why? We consciously and unconsciously relate music with pleasant memories/events. It is an instant game changer when your energy is low.

Try adding music to your next meeting or event and watch energy and spirits soar.

MOVE IT! Okay, sit-up straight and smile – pretend someone you adore just walked in – a child perhaps? Notice how just altering your posture causes you to feel more positive and alert – happier. Combine this with smiling, music or laughter – and you will feel more awake and alive.

Laugh, smile, play music, move – hey, even sing. You are in control. Time to recharge!


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