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Relief is Here – This Feels SO Good

Get it done, get it done. Rushing, stressing. Is that what your day feels like? I am happy to say I have a quick fix. And it doesn’t involve yelling, procrastination, food or coffee. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is to get back to calm. And it feels so good.

Three steps. Breathe, breathe and breathe – inhale deeply and let it out – three times.

If you are alone, feel free to exhale loudly. Doesn’t that feel good? Keep going – keep breathing. Three times and three more times, slowly.

If you want to feel crazy good close your eyes for a minute or two and breathe deeply. Then smile while keeping your eyes closed – unless you are in a meeting or driving. Smiling ignites your brain to feel happy – it instantly puts you in a better mood.

Do this especially when you are so taxed that you think, “Really, this will help?” Oh, yes it will.

Breathing doesn’t just relax your mind and body.

Here are some other benefits to increasing the circulation of oxygen in your body: • Increased energy = feel better • Lowered blood pressure = calmer • Reduced inflammation = less pain • Improved posture = confidence; notice how you sit/stand up straighter while breathing

Yes, relief is here. Breathe.


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