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I kept making the same mistakes; jumping to conclusions with friends, hurting feelings. Then I interrupted my sister and gave her unsolicited advice – so painful for both of us. Yet this is how I have operated for years – with the people I care about the most.

I am my habits – you are your habits. Until you notice and change habits, you are stuck; you feel out of control. Remember, you impact everyone. When you change, they change. That is your bonus. Everyone wins.

So how do you change those habits to take control of your life? What do professional athletes and successful business people do?

They pay attention – for just a minute or 2. By stopping after a meeting, conversation or interaction you win. You open up the space to write and “see” a new version of success for you, your team and family.

Start with any meeting, call, chat or email – any interaction you want to improve.

Steps to Re-program New Habits for Success (Team/Personal): 1. Ask, “What worked?” Write it down. We covered all the agenda items. I told them how much I appreciate them.

2. Ask, “What would I/the team do differently next time?” Write it down. Keep to the agenda; recognize success. Keep to the positive; no advice/negative

3. Close your eyes (30 seconds) and see yourself, your team performing the new way. “I see my team happy, on time, celebrating.” “I see myself smiling; I lifted their day.”

Notice that you are focused on what worked, and what will work better – both are positive.

First, you review – what worked. Write it down. Second, you revise – what would work better in the future? Write it down. Keep it positive. Finally, you “mentally rehearse” or imagine your new habits.

These steps re-program your subconscious mind for success. It is what all professional athletes and top performers do. They review, revise and imagine success.

Now this tool is yours. Share it with everybody – team, family and friends. Let them know you are becoming a better version of yourself, and you need their help. And, since you are so awesome to begin with – this will be amazing!


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