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The Key to Peace

Today you have a problem – a person, situation or thing doesn’t work for you.

You complain –          Why is that person so difficult? Because that’s who they are at this moment.         Why did they change ____ at work? Because they did.

Whatever you resist, persists. It stays with you, you keep thinking about it. It upsets you.  Have you ever noticed that the more you complain, the more there is to complain about? Focusing on what you don’t like makes you a victim – “poor me, they did it to me again.”

Now, if you want to feel bad and ruin your day – stay right there with your negative thoughts.  If not, I have some ideas.

Try my “Triple A Formula” – Accept whatever is – with a positive Attitude, and take Action.

You ACCEPT what is (the teammate, challenge, project change).         They are who they are, it is what it is. “I will accept______.”

You have a positive ATTITUDE.           You say, “This will work out, I can handle this.” You stop complaining. Now. 

You take positive ACTION to resolve the situation.  You talk to them, ask for help, work to move the project forward.

When you use the “Triple A” formula you take control – you get to choose. You take 100% responsibility for your life – for feeling better, for your happiness and results.

So, what is bothering you right now? Think of your biggest challenge. Ask, “Who, or what do I need to accept?” Write it down. Ask, “What do I need to give up being right about, wanting it to be a certain way?”  Write it.  Finally, ask “Do I want to be right or do I want to have peace?” And take positive action.

If you simply can’t accept the person, situation or thing – ACCEPT that you can’t accept.  This will also bring you peace. 

Accept the person, situation or thing with a positive Attitude, and take positive Action.  This is the key to peace.


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