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You Have a Choice

How are you feeling? Your feelings will give you a good idea of what you are thinking.

Your thoughts create feelings Feelings create actions Actions create results            

Now – in this moment – you have a choice. Think, feel and speak thoughts that support the life and success you deserve.

When you are thinking about what you “don’t want” you are inviting that in. You feel badly. 1. “I don’t want to have a difficult day.” (The focus is on difficult…) 2. “I don’t want to argue with him/her.” (The focus is on arguing…) 3. “I don’t want to be upset.” (The focus is on upset…)

Choose better thoughts – positive statements to create a powerful life. This will change how you feel and how you act. Good thoughts = good feelings = good actions.

Your good thoughts will lead to more positive results. You will feel like a winner.

Start by using affirmations – or self-suggestion – to re-program your brain. You can’t get new results with the same old thoughts. You must think, feel and act differently.

Choose one of the following positive statements. Say it out loud and to yourself – whenever you can – all day long. Repeat it 50+ times. Yes – 50 times. Repetition helps you re-program your brain to think more positively for better results. Notice how you feel better when you think and say a better thought.

Here are some examples. 1. “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.” 2. “I like everybody and everybody likes me – we all get along easily.” 3. “I am disciplined – getting my work done. I feel like #1.”

It’s your choice – what will you invite into your life? Speak and think positive thoughts to feel better and perform better and you will be on your way.

You have a choice.


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