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Your Life Will Change TODAY If You Do THIS!

My life changed when I started doing this simple act every day.  

Once I realized how easy it is to feel better – no matter what, I committed.

In fact, it is the easiest way to feel better right now.

It’s scientifically proven, predictable, and fun.



Do it as often as you can.


Smiling improves your “feel good” energy, your wellbeing, your day. 


When you smile you release dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin.

These powerful hormones lower anxiety and make you feel better - happier. 


Try it. Hold a smile for one minute and notice how you feel.


When I started smiling more often, I noticed that I felt better and more confident. 


Smiling is also a way to show acceptance and improve social connections.


By smiling at work, or out in public, you generate a positive feedback loop. 

This not only increases your happiness, but the recipient’s happiness.


Try it during your next video meeting!

Open the call with a huge smile and hold it.

You will feel positive, confident.

People will perceive you as friendly, and who knows?

You might just improve their day and make them smile, too.

Today, decide to smile more often.


Paula’s leadership training transforms your company’s culture into a place that engages and retains top talent, saving millions. Her clients include Coca-Cola, Lowe’s, Microsoft, KPMG and Collins Aerospace.

Paula Guilfoyle

Paula Guilfoyle

Training Leaders to Be Resilient

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