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Your Purpose

You are brilliant. You are gifted. You are here for a unique reason – you have a purpose. So, you ask, “What is my purpose?”

You say, “I want a meaningful life – I want a life that matters.”

You can start “meaningful” right here – right now.

Today your purpose is to do your work – whatever that might be – with an attitude of excellence. Know that you are the person who has been called to do this work.

How do you know you have been called? Because you are doing it, that’s how. You are the one who has the job, has the responsibility. You are trusted by others to make a contribution. It is all on you.

Choose to do your work with an attitude that says, “This work matters. I am serving the world.” Start by serving the person in front of you. When you serve one, you serve all. You have impact.

See your work as your contribution – to those you work with, and others who benefit from your work. Be the example, inspire people with your attitude and your actions.

I challenge you: take it up a notch today – get your most important work done with excellence. Do it with a feeling of gratitude that you get to do the work. Say to yourself, “I am enjoying this moment. I feel good as I do this.”

This will shift how you feel, and it will be easier to create at a higher level – which will upscale your results. This small difference over time compounds your impact. It creates a more meaningful life.

Excellence = empowered life; you become the best version of yourself.

Focus on what is in front of you with creativity, joy and an intention to do your best – and be your best. You are now on Purpose.


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