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Blast Out of Spin – Choose Peace Again

Yikes – I was in spin again. I kept telling myself, “This isn’t working, no matter what I do, it’s not working.” I was having a tough time getting on the bright side.

This time it was about my work – a speech I was working on. “Why is it taking so long, what will turn this around, who/what will help me?”

Whatever I choose to think, in this case, “This won’t/can’t work” becomes my reality. That thought was literally blocking my brain. I was directing my brain to see “This won’t work.”

To “see” a different possibility, I had to think positively. I needed one thought to turn it around for me.

One of my favorite sayings, “Everything is working perfectly for me,” turned it around.

Try it today. Your life, your work – is working FOR you. The person, the problem, the project, the situation is working for you, teaching you. It is helping you learn so next time you will go right past this – whatever “this” is, and you’ll be good.

When we are challenged, it is the challenge that teaches us – and presents an opportunity to grow. The challenge, the person, the situation is your teacher.

I choose to grow, to trust everything is turning out well for me. I choose the “optimistic opposite” – “Things are working perfectly for me. I can see the good here for me.” This is exactly where I needed to be. I needed to choose peace by thinking positively.

I choose to be open to possibility. I choose to KNOW it’s all working for me.

“Everything is working perfectly for me. I can see the good here for me.” This is your ticket to freedom, peace and productivity. Choose the “Optimistic Opposite.”

Blast out of spin. Choose peace again.


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