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Empower Yourself

Getting back to peace is not an easy task these days. Something, someone disturbs you and you are off-track.

You are so sensitive right now. Why? Because you are choosing to be on “automatic.” You are listening to “It’s just getting worse,” all around you. Let’s change that.

Instead, start with, “What a remarkable day, everything is going my way.” DECIDE that everything is working okay – going your way.

This will reprogram your brain. You will see and experience life differently. Because you choose to accept what is, versus push against it, you feel better. Or you could choose to hit every bump in the road, get upset – have “it/them” ruin your day.

Today choose to accept – and even beyond that, to empower yourself; choose to be happy. When you stay positive, you notice the situation, accept it and decide how to handle it.

Then do whatever it takes, and keep focusing on “I am okay; this is okay. I choose happy.”

When you accept what is going on in your life, and take positive action, you empower yourself. This forms a new habit of acceptance, action and empowerment.

You are in control. Take 100% responsibility.

Today – choose to notice you have things in your life that could upset you. Then, choose to create positivity around it; say, “I am okay; this is going my way.” Finally, do what you need to do, expecting it to turn out well – “Only good is ahead of me.”

You can choose to grow – challenge yourself to get things done with peace – or struggle. Which will you choose?

Do what you have been putting off – now. This creates a new habit and you become a stronger version of yourself.

Better choices, better outcomes. Empower yourself.


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