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From Panic to Calm

Today I was thinking of my “don’t wants” and as usual it was a mess.

– “I don’t want to have a tough day at work.” – “I don’t want to be upset by this whole COVID-19 thing.”

How do you find calm when your mind takes you to panic?

You think and speak what you want as if you have it already.

Notice when you don’t feel good. It means you are focusing on something you don’t want. That negative feeling and energy attracts more to be fearful about – just like a magnet.

Whatever you focus on with energy – good or bad feelings – shows up in your life.

When you are thinking about what you “don’t want” you are inviting that in. “I don’t want to have a difficult day/meeting at work,” = difficult day, meeting.

Want more joy, happiness and calm? Focus on that with your thoughts and speaking. “I appreciate my co-workers and friends, the fun never ends,” = fun versus stress. “I can handle life today; my work feels more like play,” = more peace, productivity, happiness.

When you speak about, get excited about your new life, your brain will help you. It will give you new ideas through intuition or a “gut feeling.” Listen for those ideas – then take action and create what you want – with calm. The first step is to shift your thoughts.

Here’s some quick, positive instructions for your brain – to help you move forward: I am happy.     I am peaceful.    I deserve all the good I am receiving today.            Life is good. I am calm.       Today is fun.       I am okay today – everything feels like play.           Work is okay.

Choose one and repeat it while SMILING which gives you “happier” energy. Science says so.

Do this now. Think about and speak about (out loud if no one is around) what you want. SMILE and repeat (over and over) your wants – the details of your dream come true. This will shift your energy and your feelings.

Feel better now. Talk and get excited about what you want and deserve – and it will show up.


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