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How to Get Anything You Want

“Whether you believe you can do a thing, or believe you can’t, you are right.” Henry Ford

What would you like to create in your life? Whatever you want you can have. You got the car, the job, right? You believed you could. Belief is where you start. Believe you can have it and you will create it. How do you create a positive belief? You focus on your goal, thinking about it constantly as already here now. Whatever you focus on you will create. Only focus on what you want. Negative focus creates troubles!

This is how everything starts. Someone believed they could do something – like Olympic athletes. Someone believed they could create something – like Thomas Edison and the light bulb (10,000 attempts).

What do you want to be, do or have – what will excite, empower and expand you? You can have it. Let’s get started.

Here’s the Creation Formula: NOTE: I will repeat the formula over and over; this is how you learn. 1. ASK – DECIDE what you want – specifically, and write it down. 2. BELIEVE – Create an AFFIRMATION – a statement with a date “I am, I own, I earn, I have, I pay off…” • It must be present tense, personal and positive. Say it with emotion often – get excited. • Feel like you will when you have your goal. Olympians imagine winning; it reprograms the brain. “I have an extra $5K by (date);” “I save $3K by (date)” are examples. Feel abundant, successful, happy. Think and speak your goal constantly, 50-100 times/day. Yes 50–100, in your mind, out loud in the car. 3. RECEIVE – IDEAS by imagining and feeling your goal is here. Close your eyes and see your goal, feel it.

Once the subconscious believes it is possible (because you have been focusing on it) you will get ideas. You think, “Oh, I could do that!” Act immediately on the ideas you receive through your intuition. Nothing happens without action.

Again, repetition with feeling creates belief; this re-programs the brain to look for ways to achieve the goal. “I have a new ___ by (date).” “My team hits our ________ goal on ____ (date).” Think and speak it out loud.

Close your eyes a few times a day to see and feel your new reality – your car, house, job, money, relationship. Then ideas for achieving your goal will come by intuition. This is the “how.” Trust. Plans will come at the right time. Keep calm, peaceful and know you will receive ideas.

Once you get the idea, you must act on it immediately. Your action creates the feeling and results you want. When you act, start noticing how wonderful you feel. That feeling is the breakthrough to your new life. Keep thinking about achieving your goal, believe it is possible, imagine yourself with it, listen for ideas and act.

Ask (write the goal), Believe (write/repeat affirmations), Receive (ideas – to create what you want). Then act. This is how you get anything you want.


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