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Peace – That is What You Want

Peace. That is what you want. Between you and peace are your thoughts, the “negative chatter.”

So how do you get to peace when you feel stressed, unhappy? Start by noticing that you don’t feel good. This is a sign that your negative voice is taking over.

Next, use one of these tools: 1. SMILE – smiling shifts your energy. You instantly feel better. Hold your smile for a minute or more. Then keep the feeling going with a powerful thought, “This is a great day, I feel good.” Or, “I know something wonderful is happening to me today.”

2. ACCEPT the person or situation as being okay. Acceptance = peace. Your resistance is negativity; it won’t change the person or circumstance. Say, “I accept this; I can take action to change it.” Then, “I choose peace and happiness.” Don’t give your happiness away. Acceptance = peace.

3. SHIFT your focus – NOW. When you are being negative you are focused on a “don’t want.” It causes pain. Think of the “optimistic opposite,” the best outcome. This makes you feel good. Or, think of your favorite vacation, tonight’s movie, a TV show or your loved ones. Anything positive or pleasant will get your brain back on track.

LAST RESORT: accept that you can’t accept whatever is going on. Accepting that you can’t accept the person or situation will bring you peace.

Peace. That is what you want. Now you know how to get it.


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