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“This is GOOD news – something good will come out of this!” she would yell from the back office. At the time, I had no idea how helpful this response would be in my life. I was in grad school; working full-time, going to school full-time with a part-time internship. My boss was the ultimate optimist; effective at keeping everyone focused on our vision of service, success.

Whenever she received “bad” news, this was her response.

What do you say to others when the project changes, or you receive an email with “bad” news? From now on, “Re-frame it for success.”

Remind yourself that your response is what matters. It will program you for success, or distress. When you choose to say, “This is GOOD news – something good will come out of this!” you program success.

Remember: your thoughts, feelings and actions – determine your life, your results and your success.

When you become a “Tormented Teammate,” you create unhappiness for everyone. Your energy impacts your life, their lives and everyone you know. Science tells us we are all connected. You know this, so start being and becoming the powerful person you are.

Your vision, how you see yourself and your life, determines how you feel and act. The more you practice seeing your life upscaled, positive and powerful, the more you will live into that vision.

Take on a new title such as, Powerful Leader, Inspiring Teammate, Positive Person or Fun, Loving Parent.

Choose to say, “This is GOOD news – something good will come out of this,” and decide to see it that way. This response empowers you and anyone who is impacted by you – at home and work.

Drop the “disaster” mindset. Embrace the “empowered” mindset. Lead your life, your team and the world with an attitude that says, “Nothing can stop me from being my best.”

Re-frame it for success.


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