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The Best Choice – for Peace

I woke up too late to call my daughter. She would be at work by now, and she couldn’t take calls. But today was Father’s Day – and her Dad had died just 2 weeks ago. Wasn’t I a “bad Mom” if I hadn’t reached out to her, hadn’t given her words of wisdom and peace today?

Or was there a better – a best choice?

The best choice is the one that leads to peace. The best choice doesn’t include criticism – of yourself or others – or guilt, frustration or judgement.

Here’s how I made the best choice. I chose to drop the thought, “You can’t make this right; it is too late, calling her early is what she needed.”

I suddenly felt peaceful and realized my peace would be “picked up” by her. You know this – your energy is felt by those around you – your family, team and friends – unconsciously.

I decided it was okay I hadn’t called her. Being okay with what is – is the choice that leads to peace. And I knew I made the right decision. How did I know? I was calmed by peace rather than riddled by “you aren’t being a great Mom” guilt.

This “choose peace” approach works for everything.

Start by looking at the way you are thinking as a choice you have today at work, with a friend or at home. Be generous in your thinking. Think of the best outcome for all, one that will create peace, not upset.

Then make the decision – choosing peace as the outcome. Know that your peace will benefit everyone impacted by the decision because your positivity effects all.

For example, I knew my peace would be felt by my daughter. By raising my thoughts to peace, calm – and joy – I would benefit her.

What decision do you need to make today? Make the decision to think a better thought, to make a better choice – that leads to peace.

My thought was: “I can be okay with what happened; I am not perfect; I now choose to be peaceful. It’s okay.” I knew it was the right thought, the right choice because I immediately felt peaceful.

Give yourself permission to make the right choice in every moment today. This is the best choice that leads to peace.

I wish you peace.


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