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Your “Instant Happy”

Feel good?  Awesome – what you are thinking about is positive.  Not so good? Let me give you an instant cure – a path to feeling happy. 

SMILE.  Smiling releases positive hormones, such as endorphin and serotonin.   These “feel good” hormones instantly make you feel happier. They also lower your blood pressure and improve your health. 

Make it a new habit to smile and keep your smile going. 

Smile at co-workers, strangers and your family (they need your smile the most).  Smile as you walk through the office and down the street; greet people happily. 

Smile as you present or contribute at a meeting. Notice how it calms you, improves your confidence and engages your audience. 

Keep smiling and you will create a happy “buzz” that makes you feel good. Notice that when you feel better, your world seems better.  Life begins to lighten up.

Make it your goal to smile as much as you can each day. Smile at everyone you see. Smile at your computer while working – it’s an instant pick-up.  Smile while you drive – especially when someone cuts you off. 

You are in control of your life.  Decide to be happy. 

Keep smiling.   This is the path to your “instant happy.”


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