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Calm Your Mind for Power & Peace

Life is trying, a challenge right now. And, more than ever I have to reach for the tools that keep me powerful and peaceful. Otherwise, I go off to negative thoughts that pull me away from peace and productivity.

Notice when you don’t feel your best. Then practice these tools to calm your mind and energize your body for power and peace.

Gratitude – 2 minutes When so much seems out of place, look for what is working. Count your blessings. Today I started with gratitude for the soft blanket that my friend Scottie knit for me. Then I said “thank you” for hot water, soft carpeting, coffee; the comforts I take for granted.

Writing or saying what you are grateful for – family, friends, experiences, keeps you positive. Practice gratitude in the morning and right before sleep for a great day and sound sleep.

Meditation – 3 minutes This is a foundational tool. Meditation helps you focus your thinking so you calm your mind.

Sit down in a comfortable chair, feet flat on the floor. I love covering myself with a soft blanket. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Notice your breathing – in and out. Every time your brain stops focusing on your breathing, go back to noticing your breath.

There is no wrong way to meditate. Go easy – praise yourself and start with a few minutes.

Exercise – 10 minutes Exercise gives you an endorphin kick, and is proven better than pills as an anti-depressant. Start with walking 10 minutes, perhaps listening to a positive book or podcast. While walking, smile (it ignites your brain to positive) and think/speak positively to feel good. Here are some ideas: “My life is working for me,” “I can handle this,” “I feel good/great.”

Practice these tools and you will experience a calm mind for power and peace.


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