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Choose Peace During Crisis

My worst day. I woke up thinking, “This is driving me crazy.” I was resisting, pushing against my reality; thinking that pushing against it would change it. No such luck. What you push against will keep showing up – over and over again. You will be in turmoil, upset and distracted. Your productivity and peace will be destroyed.

Instead, take these 3 steps to choose peace and get back on track – no matter what.

Use the AAA Formula – Acceptance, Attitude and Action.

Acceptance = “I accept this; I don’t like it, but when I accept it, I can have peace.”

Attitude = Attitudes of gratitude, appreciation and expecting the best work. “I am grateful for this opportunity to let it go, to choose to grow, to stop causing myself pain.” “I appreciate people around me such as my team, friends and family. They help support me.” “I expect this will turn out for the best. I choose to see new possibilities, new opportunities.”

Action = Get in action. Shift your focus. Start on your #1 goal – now. Your brain loves being deeply focused on one goal. It is calming. Making progress feels good.

You are in charge. You are 100% responsible for your life – your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Accept the situation. Decide to have a positive “I can make this work,” Attitude. Take Action.

You have the opportunity to create a habit for peace. This will serve you for the rest of your life. Will you choose to be a victim, thinking and saying, “This is unacceptable, I am miserable?” Or will you decide, “I choose to be okay, peaceful?” This choice will transform your life.

Take a deep breath. SMILE. This will instantly release good hormones, making you feel better. Then commit to practicing the AAA formula – every day – over and over.

Accept the situation. Decide to have a positive “I can make this work” Attitude. Take Action.

Choose peace during crisis.


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