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Dive Right In

Are you stressed? Spinning non-stop; worrying about something? When you are spinning you are focused on what isn’t working. I have the answer. Dive right in. This is the key to your success and happiness.

First ask, “What is my #1 goal at work today?”

Write the answer – your goal – with an action verb.

“Take the next step on the project,” will not do. What does your brain do with that? It gets confused. It says “What is the next action?” Your brain likes clarity. Give it clear direction.

Set-up the meeting for ______ by _____. (time today). Write the ________ for ______ by _____. (date/time) Review the _____ by ______. (date/time)

Your brain likes action verbs – they provide direction and clarity.

Now – write your #1 goal – using an action verb. Then say, “3,2,1…blast off” and start working,

Don’t stop for at least 10-25 minutes – set a timer to challenge yourself. This keeps you focused. Keep going – re-set the timer until you are done. Only stop if you must. Keep going.

Finished? Here are your rewards for finishing an important task: 1. Receive a kick of “happy, feel good” endorphins (hormones) = happier. 2. Your self-esteem goes up = confident; ready to take on the next priority. 3. Seen as a “get it done” leader = successful; more likely to be promoted.

Dive right in. Take action on your #1 goal. This is the key to your success, peace and happiness.


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