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The difference between struggling and success for me has always been simple. But simple doesn’t mean easy. I do this work because I no longer want to struggle. I like being free. Free = peaceful, happy, successful. How do you get free?

You decide what is most important to you, and take action: – You get clear about what you want = vision – You create a plan to get there = goals – You take action on the important = acting outside of your comfort zone

Let’s focus on action today.

To be successful, you must be one of the people who act. You do the tough stuff no matter what. When you do the tough stuff no matter what you are peaceful, happy, successful.

What do you need to get done – now – to make a difference? Take it on. Don’t be surprised if it involves being uncomfortable. And here’s the benefit.

When you “get it done” 3 things will happen: – You will get a hit of endorphins – happy hormones = feel great. – You will increase your self-esteem = how much you “like” yourself. – You will be more successful = self-confident, joyful, abundant and free.

Set a timer for 10 minutes. Hit “start” and get going. And when it rings, hit “start” again and keep going, and going.

Nothing happens without action. Take action. Now – no excuses. Get it done. Tell yourself, “You’ve got this.”

Then celebrate – you are a peaceful, happy, successful person – you got it done.


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