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Jumpstart Your Day

From the moment I woke up today I was challenged. A “bad” thought crept in; it hit me in my gut. My energy dropped. I knew that it would take all my effort to jumpstart my day – so I threw myself into positive.

I started saying, “My life is working perfectly, something wonderful is happening to me.” Then I got out of bed and said, “Thanks for a great new day – things are going my way.” It was working. I felt better. And since you can only think one thought at a time, I kept it positive.

I continued with gratitude, saying “Thank you for my family, friends, work…” with a smile. Smiling, gratitude and positive statements are proven to help you feel better, perform better.

Make it a great day. Get your brain on board with self-talk that works for you. Since you want to feel good – say “feel good” statements to jumpstart your day.

Here’s how my friend Lupe has started his day for years. When he wakes-up he says, “I am confident, successful and happy.” He says this over and over as he gets ready, drives to work and any time his mind wanders. This habit will re-program your brain for happiness, confidence, self-esteem and success. Try it.

Replace your old software with an up-dated version that leads to happiness and success. Say, “I am confident, successful and happy,” with high energy all day long. Or try, “My life is working perfectly; something great is happening to me.”

Jumpstart your day.


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