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Peace is Possible – Be Kind to Yourself

This is definitely a different world. And although your #1 goal in life is peace, it is easy to get pulled away from peace. No peace = no power = not the life you intend or deserve.

So, how do you get back to power and peace when the world is disrupted?

You focus on what you want to accomplish with a twist. You focus on feeling good – being positive and supporting yourself.

Supporting yourself = being kind to yourself.

Stop criticizing yourself. Encourage yourself instead. You can get through this with peace.

Late starting work? Say, “Oh, that’s okay – you did your best. Let’s get work done and enjoy the day.”

Didn’t finish a task quickly? Say, “I am doing my best – and I know this will turn out well. It’s okay. I am powerful.”

Your day not going quite the way you wanted it to? Say, “This is working – I am going to be in the moment and enjoy myself. I am calm, peaceful.”

Say what you want to hear – dare I say it? Be your own cheerleader. Be your mentor, supporter, best friend, coach, encourager. Be that person who loves you – sees the best in you, knows you can rise above challenges.

That person would say, “You are doing great – look what you just finished.” “You are amazing! You are so persistent – you work hard and are so positive…”

The only way to effectively deal with any situation is by changing your thoughts. When you think positively you feel better.  You then take more positive actions. Feeling good starts with how you think, what you say to yourself. Think positively.

How about “You are doing well. It’s all turning out for you. Keep going. You can handle this.” “Great self-control. You moved to a positive thought, stayed away from news, got work done.”

Say it now – say it all day “You are doing well. Keep going. You can do this; you are strong.”

Be kind to yourself.


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