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Ready to exhale? It’s simple – shift how you respond to life; accept “whatever” bugs you and act positively. For example, I am an extrovert who lives alone. When I choose, “I live alone, I choose to feel happy and enjoy my life,” I feel peaceful, happy. When I think “I don’t like living alone,” I am resisting, I feel upset. My resistance = unhappy.

What are you resisting today that makes you unhappy? What are you saying “no” to? What can you say “yes” to?

When you resist what is: work, a person, traffic, noise, life – you choose pain; this is a habit. Decide to change that habit.

Happy day = accepting what is; people as they are and situations as they are – no matter what. This acceptance of what is in the moment allows you to choose the best action; to take control. It is your choice – ready to exhale?

Think about what/who you are resisting right now. Write it down. Here are some choices; new habits to take on – which will empower you? – Accept the person, situation or thing as being perfect. “It is what it is” (peace). – Resist the person, situation, or thing – this is a habit; it does not help you (suffer). – Accept what is and take positive action to change it (proactive peace).

Example – your co-worker (spouse, friend, child) is driving you crazy: – You accept them, let it go and move on (peace). – You resist; keep thinking about their behavior (suffer). – You accept them and take positive action for change (proactive). NOTE: the best choice involves you taking 100% responsibility for your thoughts, energy, action.

The response you choose will determine your level of peace and effectiveness. Acceptance always leads to peace, higher ground. You become a calmer, wiser, happier person. You empower yourself. You don’t let “whatever” get in the way of your happiness and success.

Accept “what is” and take action to get your top priority done. This will re-focus your brain, start to change your habits, empower you. Every action matters.

Accept what is, with a positive attitude and take positive action. Change your response. Now you are ready to exhale. Congrats!


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